Internets of Energy | Energy as a Commons

DAISEE is an open design program for people who consider Energy as a Common(s).

Our mission: Build the *Internets of Energy* relying on resilient, distributed, secured and trusted energy data & physical infrastructures. Our purpose: Provide the conditions for a shared governance of energy by ALL the grid stakeholders.

Our expertise: deal with complexity.


This page brings together all the (proto) documentation maintained by the core team of DAISEE.


We bootstrap DAISEE in 2016 through the Hackaday Prize, with the very precious help of the CitizenWatt community. Now, DAISEE is an open design program co-produced by LA M[Y]NE and CELLABZ.

From last year, we're starting field experimentations at Prats-de-Mollo (energy self-sufficiency in rural context), as well as in Villeurbanne (collective self-consumption in urban context). And another experimentations are emerging...

DAISEE is an open-design program about complex transitions - Interested? Don't hesitate to get in contact with us!